Greatest Nothings II (2011​-​2014)

by The Nonsense Buffer

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released October 4, 2014




The Nonsense Buffer

God's Prophet/Underground Musical Artist/Plant Nourished/Medicinal User Of Recreational Marijuana.

Vocalist/Fretless Bassist/Percussionist influenced by Progressive, 30s-40s Vocal & 50s-60s Instrumental Jazz and Old School Hip Hop.
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Track Name: The Forthcoming Void [Music By Void 13]
I don't know where it is that I am from
I don't know if I'm scared where I will run
I don't know much about these humans except that I am one
I don't know much about life except that I am done

The purpose of existence is the consumption of things
The reason for awareness is the accumulation of needs
The fight for survival is always in vain
Because when it is all over you don't even take your name

Certainty is a concept that I can not explain
Hope is a word for which I feel the same
Death is a hunger that I feel inside
And is constantly fed by the passage of time

Deception is a given when you live in a realm
Where absolution is acquired as you settle and dwell
Upon constant indecision; it's the beginning of all things
And consciousness unravels as you lose all your dreams

Defeat the seeming existence of a natural state
And explain away disappointment by believing in fate
See the heavy burden as you look in these eyes
Of a creature who has maintained the destruction of lies
Track Name: Eagles In The Sunset (The Ballad Of Twitch Angry) [Demo]
There was a man who showed up in a town
He would mostly smile, but you'd think he'd always frown
The town was already well known, but there was hardly anyone around
When he got here they all looked at his fortress where on the side was the one who's underground

The People laughed, he did not sing
Even though his voice was on the sound
There was not much need because of what he'd bring
And he enjoyed the basic moment music in the house that's round

His little dog may bark at you
It meant no disrespect
When people give him food
He does not get upset

I've got the hops, he's got the malt
And drinks it all the time
If you fuck up it's not his fault
Don't let it cross your mind

If he gives advice to you
There's something you don't get
And if you give him directions
He'll see Eagles In The Sunset
Track Name: ParaLyZeD: Psychosis... [Music By CyAnIde SoCiEtY]
Hello, how are you? How have you been?
It's been a long time since I've seen you, but I knew we'd see each other again
We have a lot to catch up on
Where did we last leave off?
We should hang out for a while
OK, I've had enough

Thank you for your involvement with all the past things that I've done
Before you go will you wait to see and watch me turn and run
I am very excited to be on my way
But before I go I'd like to extend this invitation for you to stay

They can see, but are still blind
Now it's time for us to lie
Bend the rules, break the line
Now I've failed you. Oh, my mind

I'm fed up with all of this
I have already live for today
I'm tired of all I've tried to do with what has been taken away
fuck this life, fuck this place and fuck the god of time
Now days a blast from the past was when I still had control of my mind
Get up now; you got to get goin' in this race that can't be won
And even though it will never end you will still be the last one done
Now I'm working over-time to get my regular
When I cash the check I'll take the money and throw it all away
I feel them all laughing at me as I make at make attempts to escape
As I'm almost out of their grasp they pick me up and force me awake
I know I can not beat them, but I will never stop to try
And if I die before I wake, well that will be just fine
The problems of the day are way worse than the ones in my mind

La, la, la. La, la, la. La, la, la, la, la, la
La, la, la. La, la, la. La, la, la, la, la, la, la
Track Name: Tha Joker [Demo]
..."The Nonsense Buffer"...

...I mean a midnight toker...

...I really love mangoes, well is that your tree? I want to have "sexual intercourse" all the time. You know...
Track Name: A Nonsense Buffer's Work (Is Never Done) [Beat By Ages Of Darkness]
I see it every time I come in to a new town
People hatin' on me as they're fucking around
They'll say, "Stop what you're doing and look at this
Pay attention to me, or I'll treat you like a punk bitch"

Then I'm like, "Hey motherfucker don't you know my name?
I'm the ANTI-POLITICAL NONSENSE BUFFER, and that's what I call my game
I'm here to identify all your stupid dumb shit
Can you hear what I'm saying, and are you with it?"

Most everyone responds with a glaze over their eyes
And starts treatin' me like I'm the one who's tellin' lies
They're like, "You don't know what you're saying 'cause I can't understand it
I'm a palace filled with treasure, and you are a bandit.

No, bitch, it's the other way around
I'm a classroom full of geniuses, and you are the clown.
You're real low in life, and I see how far you'll stoop
I shouldn't be swearing all the time; so I'm tired of your poop

You always walk around like nothing with you is wrong
When everybody knows you're the problem going on
You're looking at me like your what I'm tired of ain't stank
But you've been pointing out specks when you got a plank

What the fuck's up with you. Do you need fucking glasses
I hope to God this ignorance fest passes
I struggle real hard, 'cause you are a jerk
Don't you know being a nonsense buffer is hard work

I'll never run out of things to say
But I'm eventually gonna need a place to stay
Not frontin' all the time has made my living situation drastic
You can't comprehend, because you're hiding behind plastic

A mask that covers up your entire face
And is interchangeable throughout the day
So, come on everybody give it up for the haters
And have a nowhere conversation with the mass debaters

Did you all hear about the new guy in town
I ain't no clown, but I got a fucked up frown
Now I got to set these punkees straight
And turn it back around around, and put those bitches in their place

Some day they will learn they can't front on me
"Cause APNB don't stand for a punk no body
It's ANTI-POLITICAL NONSENSE BUFFER, and I've been pushing your mind
Now AOD's beat will be movin' your body
Track Name: Time To Quit
I was thinking of a time when I was running late
I wasn't on time, but at least I had the right date
I was looking to a time when I was running free
Nothing I had to do, and nowhere I had to be

I'm fed up with all these circumstances in my life
So many failures that I'm afraid to try
Workin' real hard just to suffer defeat
Completely motivated, but it seems I've been draggin' my feat

I communicate to have no understanding in return
I've studied everything around me, but I can not learn?
I guess I'm stuck with this anxiety instead of a life
But fear can't hold me down, 'cause I've given up on that

I focused on the truth, but it's been proven a lie
I sent up my pleas, but they have been denied
Numb emotionally, but then I cried
I continue to be outgoing, but I'm hollow inside

I'm compelled to mean everything that I write
I'm stressed out all the time, but I'm never uptight
I cut out my eyes 'cause I've lost my site
My mouth is sealed up so I can't shine my light

But I want to break out of these chains
And exorcise my mind so I can flex my brain
God talks to me, but it's only 'cause I'm insane
But I do the right thing, 'cause I couldn't handle the guilt
Track Name: WFYE [Music Excerpted From Dharmakaya's "Experience 4 - Halla 4-36"]
Listen up, I got something to say the old fashioned way.
This is not an instant or text message on a digital display.
These are words for your ears; I hope your not too far away.
I won't walk the way you want, but I'll "Talk this way".

I have felt sounds that are making me blind.
I have seen thoughts that are giving me signs.
Add another word; create another line.
Communicate and plane to migrate to better times.

I am not a fighter, but I'm also not the type to run.
I have become way too excited, then burnt out, from having too much fun.
I have done a lot, but I have not been shot.
I've been hit really hard in the head, but I have not been dropped.
I do not smoke pot.
OK, I do it every day, but don't tell the cops.

When I get going it's hard for me to stop.
Time always flies when I'm staring at a clock,
But I've settled down a lot.
Go listen to Def Leppard or a metal band if you want to get rocked.

I have been severely broken, but I'm still working any way.
You want to get the things you want, and say the stupid things you say.
See, you have been acting crazy, and now you're starting to shout,
But I'll cut you down with my sword; which is the tongue in my mouth.

You are living like you're on TV, but you're not getting with the program.
You say that life is easy, but you don't give a God-damn.
When you are accused you're like "What, only two-face?",
Because you are more fucked up than the music players on Myspace.
Track Name: Wrong Start (The Evolution Of Disbelief) [Music By Mr. D.o.B.]
Direction is which way you turn to,
And perception is what you believe in your mind.
Don't defy what is not lost positives,
And agree; so you don't have to try.

Conceive of your abilities,
And release what you need for life.
Forget all that you have to believe,
And comprehend we all have to die.

Some day.
Some how.
Don't be afraid to know what you know right now.
Track Name: Don't Ever... [Demo]
Don't ever tell me something that you know I would not believe
And don't ever give me the satisfaction of ever letting me be set free Don't ask for my attention when you know I don't care
And don't say all the goodbyes when you are going nowhere

Don't ever sing my call
Sing it to me
How can I ever be without you without you being without me?

Look Into my eyes and tell me if you think I am there
Then ask for compromise when you know it's not fair
You want to put intentions into where there is no need
And lift up complication that limits what you can see
Track Name: Flow [Demo]
I don't always flow where the river goes
I got nothing to do with it
Some people say I get in the way
But they don't know how to go through me

Think about it just for a minute
What if everything wasn't where you put it
I'd tell you the truth, but you'd think I'm telling a lie
And if I offered you everything you'd say "I'd rather die!"
Did you hear the story about the man who while climbing the hill said "I think I can, I think I can"
You can't bring me down with your negative lines
And as you turn to leave a laughter builds inside
And I bust up...Not waiting 'till you're gone
'Cause if I did I shouldn't write a song about people who just don't get it
They think they got it, but they might as well forget it
I could show them a thing or two about living, but for me to take the time would be a lot more forgiving than I'd like to put an effort in to
I got about a million things I'd rather do
So pack your bags, or get ready to stay, 'cause if you're interrupting my flow I'm gonna send you away