Greatest Nothings I (2002​-​2010)

by The Nonsense Buffer

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The first digital recordings.

The Nonsense Buffer


released November 3, 2010




The Nonsense Buffer

God's Prophet/Underground Musical Artist/Plant Nourished/Medicinal User Of Recreational Marijuana.

Vocalist/Fretless Bassist/Percussionist influenced by Progressive, 30s-40s Vocal & 50s-60s Instrumental Jazz and Old School Hip Hop.
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Track Name: Hater Buffet
Uh, uh.
This one is for all you haters out there.
Havin' a problem with everything I'm doin'.
But you're stupid
So I'm gonna help you out a little bit.
The ANTI-POLITICAL NONSENSE BUFFER's gonna make it real easy for y'all.
Here I go...

There is someone messin' with me every single God=damned day.
I not sure why they do it, and I don't think that they could even say,
but up until the point I finally decide to go away
I'm like an all you can eat hater buffet

These people are havin' problems with everything that I do.
They're like "We don't care what you've done for us; we fucking hate you".
Nothing ever works out for me. I have a curse; I know it's true.
So why would I defend myself against a hater when it seems like God is hatin' on me too.

So I got to point out some things you haters missed,
'cause even with all the hate you've thrown at me I haven't been properly dissed.
Why don't you say "Why is that guy rappin', yo, that shit it just ain't right.
His rhymes sound like he sits home all alone listen to old Bon Jovi tapes every Friday night".
And if there are some people who like him they'd be like "Hey, this stuff is nice.
I'm gonna put it on my iPod with with all my Marky Mark and Vanilla Ice.

That's too bad you people don't understand the music that I write.
There is meaning in every single lyric that I recite.
I'm not tryin' to justify my self, but just so that you know
I'm not here to rock a party; I'm here to bust a flow.

That ain't even the half of it.
I'm just gettin' started.

I'm havin' lots of troubles I can't seem to get my life right.
I recorded these vocals with my computer mic.
I'm tellin' I got no money; there's people in third world countries livin' better than me.
I made this beat with a program I downloaded off the internet for free.

Uh, uh.
That ain't even the worst part yet.
I still got more.
Here I go again

Yeah, it seems like I was born a loser, and that's all I'll ever be.
I'm over three decades old and livin' with my Mom, and even she is hatin' on me.
I don't have a job; so I'm not gettin' paid,
and just so you know there's been two Summer Olympic Games since the last time I got laid...

...I can't believe I just said that...

I don't got much goin' for me, but I've learned from all I've seen.
I find deep spiritual meaning in Ecclessiastes 1:18.
I'm from the projects; not the hood,
and I only spent a short time on the streets.
I played music all my life; so it ain't nothin' to make some beats.

Oh, I forgot what I was doin'; helpin' you haters out with your beef.
Well, here you go; he's bald, has fucked up teeth, and is too skinny 'cause he doesn't eat meat.

That's still not all,
but I'm finished.
Track Name: An Ode To Social Ignorance
Blat dat dow, etc.

I can't believe what I see.
If you're only lookin' at your self; how can you look inside of me
I can't believe what you do.
When you start bein' like that are time is through
I can't believe what I hear.
Every one of your thoughts are tinged with fear
I can't believe what you say.
I knew I didn't want to hear it before your started, but you said it any way.

It feels like I'm bein' pushed around all the time,
but every one around me says I'm losin' my mind.
Soothsayers are all sittin' on their butts;
bein' like "I hate that guys gut".

If you want to know the truth; I feel sorry for you.
You're hate for your self is what's makin' you rude.
You're passin' out insults like they are dicks for a slut,
but when you are all done; that's not the way I like to get fucked.

And if we were little kids you'd be like "Can you play?".
Then when I'd let you in you'd throw all my toys away.
And when I was sittin' around with absolutely nothin';
you'd be like "you better think of somethin'; the garbage man's comin'".

And at work people would push me over, and be like "Why don't you get somethin' done?
We're not payin' you to fucking have fun!
Now you've got to carry twice as much as every one else,
because your back has already given out."

Then they would trip me, and cause bruises a cuts,
and yell at me and call me a fucking cluts.
Then they would kick me while I was down, and say "See; we knew you were weak".
When the real problem was that they wouldn't let me eat.

I can't believe what I see.
I can't believe what you do.
I can't believe what I hear.
I can't believe what you say.

I won't see what you see.
I'll never act how you're supposed to be.
I won't do what you do.
I gotta keep my self together so I can keep away from you.
I won't hear what you hear.
I don't want to be around you so why don't you stay clear.
I won't say what you say.
I see the direction you're takin', and I don't want to go that way.

But I'm not gonna turn to the other side.
Gotta keep the hate I'm feelin' from makin' me blind.
I have a contract with God that I've morally signed,
and you're lucky 'cause it also keeps me from takin' your life.

Now you have heard the story; I a victim of psychological abuse.
I'm going to hang my own self, but they have already tied the noose.
And after it is all said and done;
as I'm lookin' back my life wasn't all that much fun.
I've heard many over zealous protesters sayin' "I'm being treated unfair".
At the same time these same people are throwin' their judgments in the air.
And there are another type of people who are like "I bring good news";
while they inadvertently establish them selves to lose.
And still their are another type who are like "I'm having so much fun".
As they stuff their ears with dirt, and bite off their own tongues.

You can probably imagine by now that this list goes on and on.
There are too many types of people to describe in just one song,
and if one were even possible it would be much too long.
By the time it had finally ended the human race would be long gone.

I won't see what you see.
I won't do what you do.
I won't hear what you hear
I won't say what you say.
Track Name: I'm Going Away
As you open your mouth you close your mind.
I've been in this same predicament time after time.
You're one of those people that still cuts in line,
and you cause problem after problem while your proclaiming "I'm just fine".

You're so afraid of the truth that you can't look at me.
There is a light inside here that is too bright for you to see.
You can't distinguish weakness from humility.
I'm out of patience with you; fuck counting to three.

I'm like a cup of coffee and your just tea.
I'm gonna give people more energy.
I try not to fight, 'cause that's my personality.
but I'll pound in your fucking face if you don't stop fucking with me.

If I was your father I'd bend you over my knee.
Better yet, I'd travel back in time and get a vasectomy.
You aren't satisfied with what you have unless you get it for free.
I bear the best fruit even though I'm the ugliest tree.

And you come to knock me over,
but you're not takin' me down.
You'll try to laugh it off,
but you will leave with a frown.
You're like an oversized shoe maknin' fun of the clown.
Take another few steps and I will smack you around.

You're walkin' around here like a motherfuckin' punk.
Your whole life is like a closet full of old ass junk.
And the place you keep your intelligence would be the littlest trunk.
Your like a seven foot basketball player who still air balls a slam dunk.

You're just bangin' on the piano, but your like "I'm Thelonious Monk".
You bought the most expensive cologne, but you still smell like a skunk.
You're trying to pass yourself of a the chronic, but your like a sack of swag; that is bunk.
You're like a soul brotha without any funk.

You're worse than the Titanic, 'cause you couldn't set sail before you sunk.
You're like a mack daddy who doesn't know how to fuck.
You're also like a redneck who doesn't have his own truck,
and you're like a bitch givin' head who doesn't know how to suck.

You say that you want to work things out, but you have already rehearsed your speech.
You've buried your reasonability deep down where it can't be reached.
There is no sand or water, but you still think you're at the beach.
You're like a president everyone is trying to impeach.

I can see that you're retarded 'cause it shows on your face.
You want to disrespect me while I am in my own place.
You think that I am in the wrong, but that is just not the case.
There is no doubt in my mind that your head is filled with blank space.

I'm like a house that's made of brick, and you're a house that's made of clay;
when it is raining down flood waters your house will wash away.
You want to have the product, but you don't want to have to pay.
You're just a spoiled little kid who has to get their own way.

I only have a few more things that I got to say.
You're like a game with missing pieces that no one wants to play.
Just because you like to hang out with woman does not mean you're not gay.
You say you don't like what's going on here, but you still don't go away

I've got nothin' left to say, 'cause I'm going away...
Track Name: I Told You So
Some places are fast and some places are slow.
I keep seein' the same kinds of people in the places I go.
I'm noticin' a pattern in the one's I get to know,
and I keep tellin' my self that I told you so.

I keep tellin' my self that I told you so.
I've been tryin' to grasp these things that I already know.
I come to a new place, but it seams I've been here before.
Come to find out that I'm the stranger knockin' at my own door.

I have all these patience, but I keep runnin' out of time.
I got all of these lyrics, but I forgot how to rhyme.
You're focused in so much on how this is yours and that is mine;
don't you know that worldly shit will bring undoing each and every time

I can't see your reason.
I don't know what you're feeling.
I don't know what you're meaning.
I can't really see what you're saying.
I can see your prison.
I can see a lesson.
I can see a vision.
I can see the facts you're missing.

These people have bad habits; they don't even wait their turn.
They want to take as much as they can get without giving in return.
For all the times I have been used you'd think that I would learn.
All of them; they want to receive, but they do not want to earn.

I keep tellin' my self that I told you so.
I can recognize the places I've been by the places I'm going to go.
I know that deep down all these hardships are helping me to grow,
but it's hard to comprehend how much more I need to know.
Track Name: U Don't Need This Beat
You don't need this beat.
You don't need this beat.

You don't need this beat to wave your hands in the air.
You don't need this beat so wave your hands in the air.
You don't need this beat to wave your hands in the air.
You don't need this beat so wave your hands in the air.

Uh, uh.
I keep wonderin' all the time
what could be going on in your mind.
It sometimes seems that you're not there,
but it also seems that there's a person in there somewhere.

It's somethin' I feel, but I still don't know.
Maybe it's that you're going to fast when it seems like you're going to slow.
I've given you all your favorite things, but you still don't care
You don't need this beat to wave your hands in the air.

And there are sometimes that I'll try to yell
to make a little crack to get inside your shell.
Sometime I'll push you really hard, but you still won't budge,
and other times you'll fall over when I give you a little nudge.

I still am wondering what could be goin' on in that brain.
Maybe sometimes it's like you're playing a video game,
and you don't care if you die,
'cause you're thinkin' inside that you still got another guy.

And maybe this is your favorite song,
but you don't want to hear it blare, and you won't be singin' along.
Sometimes life just isn't fair.
You don't need this beat to wave your hands in the air.

And maybe things in there are all jumbled around,
and what you hear is sight, and what you see is sound.
And you're always going up when you should be coming down,
and you're facing the wrong direction when you should be turned around.

But maybe you're the new type of person in disguise.
A step in the right direction with some effects on the side.
I've got something important to tell you, but you just sit and stare.
You don't need this beat to wave your hands in the air.

Keep in mind that they're waiting to be cued in...

Keep in mind that I'm waiting to be clued in.
Maybe it's time for us to see that I am you and you are me.
Keep in mind that they're waiting to be cued in.
Maybe it's time for them to see that they're not you and you're not me.
Keep in mind that I'm waiting to be clued in.
Maybe it's time for us to see that I am you and you are me.
Track Name: The Story
There is a story that I want to tell you.
Even as you're hearing you can be a part of it.
There is a message you aught to know,
and it doesn't even matter if you really do care.

I didn't even really want you to know.
I didn't even really want you to care.
Track Name: Co-Dependence
I don't want to be the only one.
If I start it by my self what am I gonna do when I'm done?
And what if I was the first one to see?
Then I would have to explain it to everybody.

And what shall I do if I fail?
Who would want to follow an unfinished trail?
And what if someone should get through before me?
That would be a credit to my insecurity.
What if I did not finish in time?
Someone may come and ridicule my mind.

I wish that for once in my life I could do something without thinking twice.
The only way I can stop criticizing my self is to find something wrong with some one else.
So maybe if I yell loud enough at you I can barricade around my self so no one else can see through.
If I can't have someone warm by my side I'd think you would find that it would be better to die.

I don't want to be the only one.
I don't want to be the only one.

What if I walked through a land that man has never seen?
Then someone would come out of nowhere and make fun of me.
And if I begin to speak words that have never been said they would show me where to find them in a book that has never been read.

I don't want to be the only one.
What if I start to sing a song that has not already been sung, and everyone around started to laugh at me?
That, in turn, would diminish my respectability.
And if I began to do things that have not already been done their eyes would burn with skepticism as they lashed me with their tongues.

I don't want to be the only one.
I don't want to be the only one.
Track Name: Abused
I want to be with you.
And I want to be abused.
And I want to be the only one.
Who is with you, and not having fun.

I want to be confused.
And I want to be with you.
And I want to be the only one.
Who is with you and not having fun.

Trust in me; what I say to you this day.
Nothing can be worked out when you're acting this way.
The support you offer makes me so uncomfortable inside.
And I cry out to this day for every time you lied.

Please back off you are exhausting me.
This love you have is so painful; please act mercifully.
This endless conversation is tearing at my mind.
And when I turn away it keeps attacking me from behind.

It seems I woulda figured this out by now.
Find fulfillment somewhere else, or just go without.
But it seems that all I want to do is fight,
and to have you right here not quit by my side.

This new arrangement you made is just thrilling me.
You get everything you need, and I get nothing.
The hope I held for us I have dropped so long ago,
but when it comes down to it I just got to let you know.

Is I want to be with you.
And I want to be abused.
And I want to be the only one.
Who is with you and not having fun.

I want to be accused.
And I want all my words to be misconstrued.
And I want to be the only one.
Who is with you and not having fun.
Track Name: Bad Name
...And I'll never be the same.
As I've been searchin' through these pieces I never found a rule book for this game.
And deep inside you try to hide the fact that you're even playin',
but I can see right through you even though you try to cover it up with what you are sayin'.

A person like you can only see one thing.
You see what you want, what you are feeling, what you think, and what you need
That's too many U's for a work like us,
and it's exactly like the topics that we'd discuss.

A one sided conversation where I don't even say a word.
You ain't no Mother Theresa; you're not even one of her turds.
You got all these ideas, but the don't mean shit,
'cause your never gonna shut your mouth, and take the steps to do a thing about it.

Watcha wanna talk about now you stupid bitch?
Do you want this angry voice to make a switch?
You can only change others by changing your self.
None of this would of even happened if you were looking for a human and not an elf.

And only a fucking punk would write a song about you.
Well, oh shit, I guess I wrote two.
But I won't ever do it again.
I've been with you once, and that's the end.

And if I see this guy you're with now
he shouldn't be rude
He should put out his hand and show me some gratitude.

'Cause I remember when you were in front of me all moanin' and squealin',
and when we were done I'd say "How's your butt fealin'?".
And you were tryin' to play it off like it was better than the other way,
and you almost had me convinced when we were doing it every day.
It's funny how you can always be talking, but never say what you have to say.
Get some self-help books, and go away.

OK, I'm gonna wrap this up, 'cause self pity is lame,
and so you can get on with your new head game,
but before I let you go I'd like to make one more claim.
It's that...
Track Name: Here I Go Again...Again